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February 14 PP production and sales dynamics of some enterprises

1. EPS30R produced by Tianjin United PP plant. The latest ex factory price: the price of drawing T30S is 11500 yuan/ton, and the price of copolymer EPS30R is 12250 yuan/ton

2. At present, the PP unit in Yan'an refinery normally produces wire drawing T30S, and the ex factory price is stable today. In terms of manufacturer's quotation, the ex factory price of T30S is 11200 yuan/ton

3. The ex factory price of PP produced by Jinan refinery is T36F, and the ex factory price is stable: the drawing material T30S is 11500 yuan/ton; Note: plastic v30g is 11600 yuan/ton, fiber material Z30S is 11750 yuan/ton, non-woven fabric W28 is 11800 yuan/ton, film material T36F is 11700 yuan/ton, and h30s is 11800 yuan/ton

4. Daqing Refining and chemical PP plant produces copolymer EPS30R. Ex factory price in the province: the quotation of EPS30R is 12400 yuan/ton, the ex factory price of the latest drawing T30S is 11480 yuan/ton, and the ex factory price of T38F is 11590 yuan/ton. Fiber material Z30S is basically out of stock. Recent sales are average, the performance of the factory is stable and reliable, and the inventory of the factory is not high

5. Since November 11, Qilu Petrochemical PP plant has successfully completed the difficult limb movement - "stone, scissors, cloth", which is the fist guessing action number, began to switch to EPS30R. The latest price: at this time, the pulling force decreases with the drawingt30s price at 11550 yuan/ton, the copolymerized EPS30R price at 12350 yuan/ton, the eps30ra price at 12400 yuan/ton but in a short time, and the automobile special material SP179 leaves the factory at 12350 yuan/ton. There is a contract to pick up the goods during the festival

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