A new generation of ultra-thin cement bag compound

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A new generation of ultra-thin cement bag compound bag forming machine

the self-developed ultra-thin cement bag compound bag forming machine in China has filled the domestic blank, and its advent has solved the problem of coating the cement packaging bag. The unit is a new generation of efficient and low consumption cement packing bag production equipment

the new national standard gb9772-2002 cement packaging bags stipulates that the quality index per unit area shall not be less than the fixed value. It is required that the cement packaging bag manufacturer must produce the cement packaging bag with the highest tensile strength with the least raw materials on the premise of achieving the quality per unit area when producing the laminated plastic woven bag, relatively improve the basic thickness of the laminated bag, and still support the short-term mineral price to reduce the film thickness and improve the tensile strength. That is to say, on the premise of ensuring certain quality indicators, reduce the production cost of cement packaging bags. It can be seen that the development trend of cement plastic woven bags is to thin the compound film of cement packaging bags

after careful research and development, the technical personnel in China's packaging industry have successfully developed an ultra-thin cement bag composite bag forming unit. The unit has been improved from two aspects of bag making process and equipment performance. The film extrusion amount of the unit should be small, and the key is to have a fast film speed, that is, the traction speed after the molten film extrusion die mouth should be fast. Only a fast traction can make the film very thin. Select materials with good melt viscoelasticity, so that it is not easy to break the film during the drawing process. Moreover, the control of temperature should be appropriate, and the reduction of melt viscosity can also prevent tensile film breaking. On the other hand, the composite part of the combined unit adopts the current development status of the domestic plastic machinery industry. There are screws and barrels with low independent innovation ability and few high-grade and personalized special varieties. The die opening channel of the extruder is very smooth, the resistance force is evenly distributed throughout the channel, and the die opening clearance is also very uniform, so that the raw materials are fully plasticized and extruded by the high-precision clothes hanger type flat die, After casting and stretching, it becomes an ultra-thin film and cylinder plastic woven bag with a certain temperature. The large enterprises with mature technology in China's polyurethane industry will generally control the cost at 1600 yuan per cubic meter. The traction speed of the extruder must be fast. Generally, it takes more than 70m/min to pull the film very thin. Therefore, it is best to increase the extruder speed above 70m/min after startup

the combined unit integrates the processes of compounding, automatic waste edge cutting, automatic hole pricking, automatic printing, displacement folding and cutting. It can not only reduce the labor and materials, reduce the cost of bag making, but also improve the quality of packaging bags and make the finished bags standardized, unified and beautiful

the combined unit is characterized by fast coating speed, large heating power, small die gap and low extrusion capacity; It also has many advantages, such as high efficiency, thin coating, convenient operation, low price and so on. Its successful development provides ideal equipment for cement packaging bag manufacturers

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