Atlas Copco tamping indicator is used to display t

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Atlas Copco tamping indicator is used to display the completion of operation

Atlas Copco tamping indicator is used to display the completion of operation

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the utilization rate of Atlas Copco steel is increased from 90% to 95%. The tamping indicator installed on PuCO lg500 reversible plate can save time and money. This technology helps reduce machine wear and over compaction

due to the complexity of different soil types, it is difficult to obtain high-quality compaction effect. If the tamping strength is too small, the soil may sink and cause structural damage. Too much RAM strength will lead to unnecessary machine wear and shutdown. Over compaction can cause some soils to "crack" under increasing pressure

the compaction indicator installed on the lg500 reversible plate is used to measure the vibration mode on the pressing plate and reflect the compaction of the soil below the surface

the tamping indicator is installed in the middle of the handle and transmits information through a clear indicator system. Yellow, green and red indicators indicate different stages of compaction. When the red light is on, it indicates that the specific soil type has reached the maximum compaction degree and needs to stop compaction immediately

by combining compaction indicator technology and operator knowledge, the risk of over compaction or under compaction is greatly reduced. This combination method can save operation time and increase the normal operation time of the reversible board. This is due to the reduction of maintenance caused by machine wear

to achieve safer compaction, Atlas Copco compbase provides detailed compaction data and capacity information based on full-scale tests. The selection of machines and methods is based on the materials to be compacted, and provides the information of the expected depth effect and compaction degree after a given number of compaction, so as to establish local production and service information


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