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With the rapid development of China's economy, China pays more and more attention to environmental protection. Environmental protection is the major plan of our country, which is related to the national economy and the people's livelihood. At the same time, the environmental protection department is also facing a complex working environment. It has to deal with all kinds of environmental protection problems, from daily environmental quality monitoring to dealing with secondary environmental disasters caused by emergencies. China is also a country with a vast territory and rich geological environment such as rivers, lakes and seas. Therefore, the environmental protection emergency command vehicle with mobility and emergency response is the necessary equipment for local environmental protection departments

according to the characteristics of the environmental protection department's daily handling of emergency emergencies, the command function at the emergency site is particularly important. At the same time, it is required to have strong contact guarantee between the site and the command center. For this purpose, the Ministry of environmental protection has formulated detailed standards for emergency command, requiring the emergency site to establish a perfect audio and video connection solution with the command center, and taking into account the basic requirements of smooth communication and command in different environments

in response to this requirement of the environmental protection department, de Sitte, combined with years of experience in the field of audio fusion communication and the needs of environmental protection emergency command, provides a fusion scheme of audio command, which is an effective backup and fusion of video conference and video command. Make the emergency command system more flexible and supportable

integrate the audio equipment in the vehicle

deploy a set of de Sitte on-site command system in the emergency command vehicle. Access the internal network of the communication command vehicle and realize voice communication based on VoIP with the command center through wireless 4G network and satellite network. At the same time, de Sitte on-site command system will connect the sound system in the command vehicle to the command and dispatching system. The vehicle audio can be incorporated into the command and dispatching system through simple and convenient operation

integration and satellite network

at the same time, the access based on mobile operators is realized through wireless switch on the command vehicle, and the conference is quickly established through the de Sitte on-site command system to put multi-party communication applications in front of the command site, which is more convenient to deal with emergencies. Interphone, audio system and video conference can be integrated into the command and management system. It has become an effective backup of video conference system, and has more flexible and convenient application characteristics than video conference

integrated trunked interphone equipment

dexit field command system has an integrated trunked interphone interface, which can connect the explosion-proof interphone for on-site disposal of environmental events to the on-board emergency command system. The staff using walkie talkie in the front line of environmental disposal can contact the emergency command vehicle through explosion-proof walkie talkie. The audio of the walkie talkie can be directly connected to the on-board audio system, and the time of the situation reported by the explosion-proof walkie talkie of the front-line staff can be connected to the rear command center through satellite, 4G and other links

this function is very important. When dealing with the emergency time of special environment, the on-site command vehicle may not be able to go to the first line of the accident. The staff shall wear protective equipment and carry explosion-proof walkie talkie to communicate with the command site. In the past, this kind of communication was only limited to the on-site and front-line staff of the command vehicle. The real situation on site should be reported by the front-line commander and the rear command center. There are often problems such as feedback delay, wrong understanding of feedback and dispatching instructions. The de Sitte field hardness scale has a practical scope of application. Combined with the on-site voice fusion command solution widely used in European and American countries, the command system shares the voice of front-line staff to the front-line emergency command vehicle platform and the rear general command and dispatching platform from time to time. Strive for time for environmental emergency disposal and improve disposal efficiency

integrate superior command and control mode

the de Sitte on-site command system integrates various audio systems into one, while fully considering the convenience and easy-to-use characteristics of dispatching override, making the whole control mode more prominent in emergency and control. Combined with the on-site emergency command and control mode in European and American countries, it conforms to the characteristics of human behavior and achieves training free control. The operator can organize calls between different devices and conference calls of various devices anytime and anywhere. At the same time, in-depth optimization is carried out for various emergency dispatching and control modes such as changing call groups

integrated office VoIP system

the on-site command system of desit reserves a VoIP voice system based on SIP. For long-term deployment, establish a long-term command center and quickly deploy the VoIP based office extension system in the environment of on-site office. Quickly deploy the system for nearly 50 people to work on site. Only complete the local deployment on site in 2011 and connect the IP telephone terminal, and the construction of the on-site office system can be completed in a few hours. And integrated into the emergency command and dispatching system. Emergency response and communication needs in the on-site office environment

flexible deployment on-site command scheme

dexit on-site command system provides 1U rack design for high-standard command vehicles, all functional modules are flexibly assembled and matched according to the needs, and the system equipment is configured according to the actual situation of local environmental protection departments, so as to achieve customization, go deep into the characteristics of the industry, not uniformity, and maximize the investment

in units without the conditions to deploy command vehicles, the whole command system can be deployed on temporary vehicles through SKB command box in combination with the de Sitte on-site command box scheme. A set of well-known on-site emergency command system can be quickly launched at the emergency site without high command vehicle modification cost, and the on-site command system equipment scheme can be flexibly deployed and selected for different needs and scenarios

dexit field command system is a flexible and convenient dispatching command system that focuses on the integration and interworking of various voice systems in the field emergency environment. It has advanced design concept of field emergency command system and is suitable for emergency command communication in different scenarios. It is an indispensable basic communication component for the environmental protection department to build emergency command, vehicle command and on-site command system

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