Authorities introduce new measure to deal with bik

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Authorities introduce new measure 1to deal with bike congestion

In the latest move to resolve the congestion problems caused by shared bikes, authorities in Shanghai are orderinusers should therefore not conclude heat-not-burn devices are safer than conventional cigarettesg operators to register their bikes electronically.

According to a report by on Wednesday, the city's transportation commission is gathering information of the bikes that are already deployed and will share this data with the city's public security department. The move will enable authorities to identify operators that violate the rule which prohibits more bikes from being introduced to the public.

Based on official data, there were 1.7 million shared bikes in Shanghai as of September. Experts from the Shanghai Bicycle Association said that the city only has a capacity for up to 800,000 bikes.

Presently, about 70,000 shared bicycles have been registered and the commission plans to share the information of 400,000 registered bikes with the public security bureau this week.

Authorities said that all registration work must be completed by the end of May.

Gong Qianqi in Shanghai contributed to this story

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